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Envirosafe Techsolutions is a company based in Pune. The company has started under Make In India initiative. The company is focused with a vision of developing unique products. After years of research and innovation, a unique product was developed. The product properties were found in the area of antimicrobial activity.

After lot of testing processes through accredited labs, the product has been justified for its uniqueness.

We have come up with innovative product name “Ozosan”- The Super Saturated Stable Dissolved Oxygen In Water.

The product is Environmental friendly and without any chemicals and stabilisers. 

The product is unique and made with Green Technology and more effective compared to other products which are chemical based as it is prepared in Water.

Envirosafe Techsolutions has come up with many formulations based on the same technology. The new development of Product research is in progress.

Envirosafe Techsolutions foresee to work in the area of Agro, Dairy, FMCG, Marine and Pharma.

Envirosafe Techsolution’s vision is producing Quality Products and Client Satisfaction.

Our Team

Mr. Vinod Nayak


Dr. Subodh S. Patnekar (Ph.D, Chemistry)


Mr. Chetan V. Deshpande


These are few features & applications of Ozosan

  • Ozosan is not a Chemical compound like other stabilisers which are currently used for disinfection.
  • Ozosan can be used for decontamination with higher Oxygen concentration stabilized in pure form of water.
  • It has no Stabilizer used. Leaves no toxicity, colour and any chemical residue.
  • Ozosan has highest oxygen content (Upto 50 %) ever achieved.
  • Odour & Taste – Odourless & Tasteless at recommended dosages.
  • Kills Bacteria, Fungi and spores.
  • Develops no antimicrobial resistance (AMR) like many antibiotics and chemicals.
  • This product can be explored in many applications like Foods, Pharma, Marine, FMCG, Agro and Water industry.

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