Is Product a liquid?

Yes, Product is liquid and water based.

Does Product have Oxygen?

Yes, Product is a Dissolved Stable Oxygen in water.

Is Product a Disinfectant?

Yes, Product comes in Disinfectant Category.

Is product a Bactericidal, Fungicidal and Sporicidal?

Yes, Product is Bactericidal and Fungicidal and Sporicidal.

Is product a Peroxide?

No Product is not peroxide, it is saturated dissolved oxygen in water.

Is this a Chemical and Stabiliser?

It does not contain any Chemical and Stabiliser. It is only water with Dissolved Oxygen.

Is Product is toxic?

No, Product is not toxic.

Is product ready to use?

Yes, Product is ready to use.

Is product Stable?

Yes, Product is Stable

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