Ozosan Pharma

In Pharma topmost care has to be taken considering Safety and Quality. Many Drugs & Formulations are produced in Controlled environment as a human consumption. Main concern is dedicated and clean area a free from Microorganisms.

Other products available in the market are chlorine based, acidic or basic in nature. Where our product is chemical, stabilser free and water based.

Our product Ozosan Pharma exclusive made for Pharmaceutical applications mainly CIP and in sterile area. Can be used as disinfection process. The product is safe non toxic made from Green and novel technology.

The product has been tested for its efficacy and showed at above 0.1% (Recommended 0.15% and Upto 5% wherever required). It kills most of the Microorganisms.

The product is Oxygen and Water based so can be used in various applications viz. Disinfection process, CIP and other product based applications.

Envirosafe can produce Ozosan Pharma with a concentration form 0.5% to 5.0%. The main requirement in the Pharmaceutical industry is effluent treatment plant (ETP). Main concern in ETP is to control Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).Many times the level of BOD and COD level alters because of effluent load. Our product Ozosan Pharma can be explored to control BOD levels which are very critical. We support Client for application, usage and implementation.

Ozosan Pharma Comes in 5 Lits, 20 Lits and 35 Lits bulk packs.
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