Ozosan Agro 10

We have already developed Ozosan Agro product for Crops plants and various types of agriculture applications.

In recent studies and observations many fungal infections on crops niche fruits like Mangoes, Strawberry special grapes for wines have been very critical and entire crops have damaged.

Harsh use of pesticides and insecticides also damages the crop. So the surface layer of the leaves and gets covered by these sprays. By this process of photosynthesis stops and ultimately plant or crop gets affected.

Our Ozosan Agro 10 is a concentrated solution developed. It is having more saturated stable Oxygen in water. The product is specially used for spraying on crops/ plants from early stages so that it can clear the surface and does not allow fungal microbial growth on the crops/plants.

It can be used widely in any of the crops from very early stage and helps as a growth stimulator and gives good health to particular crop/plant.

After spraying the water which falls down the ground also helps soil to absorb dissolved oxygen and nurture soils texture and fertility.

Alphonso Mangoes the pain area is having fungal infections like Anthracnose and stem end rot which really kill mangoes on tress itself.

This product helps spraying from the time of Blossom helps them to control theses fungus and also helps for good natural growth.

The colour, aroma and flavour of the fruit also gets natural feel and taste.

Same process can be applied for delicate fruits like Strawberry, Grapes and Figs as they were treated with many pesticides and insecticides.

This concentrated solution helps to clear the pesticidal surface and enhances growth and natural colour to the fruits.

Many agro based companies have come up with thousands of products based on the crop which is having pain area as Insecticides, Pesticides and Herbicides.

Tons of fertilizers are produced for crops growth, development. Insecticides are also produced in tons as variety of small insects and type of diseases destroy crops.

What is the material of these Insecticides, Herbicides and Fungicides, Pesticides? Its all Chemicals which in turn destroying Soils texture and capacity to absorb nutrients.

We have come with the solution which is taking care most of the things for Crop growth, and acts against pesticides, fungal and somewhat insects causing damage to crops.

It is the Oxygen which is key requirement of soil fertility and water also. Our product contain highly saturated dissolved Oxygen in water.

This dissolved Oxygen in water goes deep in the soil gives effects to soil & roots can absorb more Oxygen which helps trees/crops to grow healthy.

The water required for crops will be less as every drop of water with enhanced Oxygen will be useful. It can be used in Drip irrigation in a broader way.

Even in many cases it helps to control pesticidal affected, fungal growth and insecticidal waste as high Oxygen content do not allow such growth on crops. Even microbial growth can be controlled by the product.

The output that is the actual crops , fruits , other food products produced in a faster and quality growth.

Our product Ozosan-Agro 10 is a concentrated product and exclusive made for agriculture products for Pre and post harvest process. It is safe non toxic made from Green and novel technology.

We recommend and use of this product for all types agro products for spraying, Washing of fruits and drip irrigation.

ओझोसान - ऍग्रो १०

आम्ही यापूर्वीच पिकांच्या रोपे आणि विविध प्रकारच्या शेतीसाठी ओझोसान ऍग्रो उत्पादन तयार केले आहे. अलीकडील अभ्यास आणि निरीक्षणामध्ये स्ट्रॉबेरी, आंब्यासारख्या पिकांवरील फळांवर अनेक बुरशीजन्य संक्रमण, वाइनसाठी विशेष द्राक्षे, खूपच गंभीर बनली आहेत आणि संपूर्ण पिकांचे नुकसान होत आहे.

कीटकनाशके व कीडनाशकांच्या कठोर वापरामुळे पिकाचे नुकसान होते. तसेच पानांचा पृष्ठभागावर या फवारण्यांनी थर तयार होतो. प्रकाशसंश्लेषणाच्या प्रक्रियेद्वारे शेवटी वनस्पती किंवा पिकांवर याचा परिणाम होतो

Ozosan Agro 10 Comes in 5 Lits, 20 Lits and 35 Lits bulk packs.
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