Pharma, Chemical Industries

Mainly used in CIP and in Sterile areas. Can be used in Disinfection process. The product is safe non toxic made from Green and novel technology.

Vegetables & Fruit Processing Industry

Vegetables and fruit washing and decontamination from Microrganisms and Fungi. Also in storage tank CIP, Plant and Machinery , Aerial washing and Spraying.

Agro Industries

Wide application on Crops, growing Bushes, Plants, Germination of Seeds, Root enhancement and Soil texture.

Meat and Sea food processing

Decontamination of Meat and Marine Products, Cleaning of Storage Tanks, CIP of Processing Plant and Machinery, Washing of Food and Contact Surfaces. Decontamination of Fish and Shrimps (Prawns).

FMCG & Food Industry

Decontamination of core areas i.e. pipes, CIP and other surfaces in Food industry to avoid Microbial contamination. IN FMCG industry can be explored for disinfection and also in Product applications.

Packaged Drinking Water Industry

To enhance Dissolved Oxygen in Packaged drinking water from 8-10 ppm to 25 ppm, which reduces the Toxicity and gives refreshing mood.
More Oxygen means More Energy.

Dairy and Milk Processing Industry

For Udder cleaning, can cleaning, Milk Tank cleaning. Milk Silo cleaning. Bulk Milk Cooler cleaning, equipment cleaning, CIP of Plant and Machinery. Aerial decontamination, etc

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