Ozosan Hydro

Revolutionary for Hydroponic techniques using Dissolved Stable Oxygen in Water. The plants in Grow room’s hydroponic system need dissolved oxygen (DO) in their water if they are to thrive the best yields. If plant roots don’t get enough Oxygen, they become less permeable, taken in less water and can no longer absorb nutrients properly which enhances toxins to build up in the system.

In Nutrient Film Technology (NFT) system the lower part of the root system is continuously sitting in a thin film of nutrient solution. These roots absorb nutrients from passing flow of water and trans locate them into the plant. The only way that these roots can survive if there is plenty of Dissolved oxygen in the passing flow of Nutrient solution. If there is not enough dissolved Oxygen in the nutrient solution the feeder roots will suffocate and die. This makes very hard for the plants to stay healthy if the nutrient solution is continuously depleted of dissolved oxygen.

Also Micro organisms that are water based can creep easily. Microorganisms in water destroy nutrient capabilities which disable roots of the plant.

Warm nutrient solutions will much less oxygen than a cooler solution. In warm climate generally Oxygen content depletes. Our product Ozosan Hydro is very well stable at high temperatures also. Venturi Oxygen injector is generally installed for Oxygen generation. Other traditional techniques are Air blowers to generate Oxygen but can provide oxygen at lower concentration.

In water dissolved oxygen is about 8 to 10 ppm. NFT system requires more dissolved Oxygen for plants to grow with water as a medium. Even nutrients required high level of Oxygen to absorb to the roots of the plants. Even roots which are affected by fungal and microbial growth will be treated by our product. These fungus and microbials can stop further growth of plants.

There are a few ways to Oxygenate Water for Plants as oxygenating water is a great way to increase nutrients uptake for plants. These are techniques where either required energy or some machine to generate Oxygen in water:

  1. By Using Air stone
  2. Air diffuser
  3. Siphon
  4. Oxygen gaps

Our solution also kills water based Microorganisms like Algae, Fungi Bacteria and Spores and keeps Dissolved Oxygen level intact required for nutrients and roots of the plant.

  • Ozosan Hydro can be explored very well in Hydroponic techniques as it has lot of dissolved saturated Oxygen in Water.
  • TDS of the product is 100 to 150.
  • Conductivity is also less as it has no ions, salts.
  • pH of the product is between 7 to 7.5.
  • It is the best solution in NFT & DFT techniques as Nutrients will require in less quantity. Plants can absorb Oxygen directly from water and enhance growth and intact freshness.

It does not affect colour, aroma, and taste and main is the nutritional value. But keeps Vegetables, Fruits & Flowers fresh for a longer time.

The product also clears some pesticidal load applied to the vegetables.

We recommend and use of this product for Hydroponic techniques and also for Vegetables and fruits and Flowers.

Ozosan Hydro Comes in 5 Lits, 20 Lits and 35 Lits bulk packs.
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