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Marine industry is huge and main product from it is Fish. Many developers are trying to catch raw fish and deliver directly to the client. Many turned into its allied products as a Rapid consumer growing industry.

The product is well tested for its efficacy at high concentrations and proved to be working exclusively for Marine products.

Normal Fresh Fish catch which directly export also contains lot of Microbial load which damaged the fish till it reaches the destination.

Main Fish catch from Marine is small fishes by which a Special product is produced name “Surimi”.

World consumption for Surmi is about 50000 to 600000 tons. India has also contributing around 20 to 25% of the world production. Though processing Surmi is a very tedious process and lot of water is required.

The main target is the Quality of Surmi & its allied products production. The Quality check is rigorous and main flaw is the Microorganism load on fish and water also has the same load containing many microorganisms and bacteria.

We have focused and targeted this issue and very well developed the product known Ozosan with high concentration dissolved stable Oxygen in water. Our product at desired concentrations kills Microorganisms in Surmi and makes it fresh as it is. Also the shelf life of the product can be enhanced.

In our country generally Fresh Fish Catch is send in many parts using lot of ice. Though the Fish treated with this product is microbial free, the ice made imparts Microorganisms on Fresh Fish and damaged it.

By using Ozosan-Marine Ice can be prepared and its dissolved oxygen level will remain as it is at freezing temperature making ice microbial free.

In recent years Shrimps natural growth and catch is drastically reduced because of polluted sea water. So many artificial Shrimp plants are produced nearby sea. The typically Shrimp production requires continuous stable dissolved Oxygen for the natural growth. Our product Ozosan Marine has saturated stable oxygen which helps Shrimps for its complete lifecycle growth.

In any Shrimp production ponds required lot of artificial aerators to maintain dissolved oxygen level. The aerators required electricity and other maintenance which incurred high cost. Sometime power failure is a major problem as if aerators stop for 10 minutes Shrimp can die or stop the lifecycle.

So our product Ozosan Marine can be used for maintaining dissolved oxygen level in ponds naturally thereby maintaining lifecycle and quality.

The major impact on the shrimps is after post harvesting as for export it can be affected by microorganisms. For the same Shrimps can be washed and treated with Ozosan Marine to get free of microbial load.

After treating with product Ozosan Marine Fish, Shrimps do not get foul smell, enhances its shelf life, do not affect its texture and protein content.

The product Ozosan Marine is made from Green n novel technology by using high concentrated dissolved stable oxygen in water.

Its high oxygen content do not allow microorganisms to survive and also later to grow as oxygen is stable.

We always believe in innovations Quality and implementation on site. So we understand the Clients problem and give appropriate solutions.

Ozosan Marine Comes in 5 Lits, 20 Lits and 35 Lits bulk packs.
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