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Water is the main source of Living beings animals and Flora n Fauna. Day by Day water usage is increasing because of Need & Lifestyle.

We Indians are lucky to have plenty of Water, but not using water as a Precious part of our life.

In some part of the country, some people gets good water for drinking some even do not get to for drinking. Now days waterborne diseases are more, so everyone everywhere people are using packed water bottles for drinking.

The packed water is now easily available in and every part of our country. In almost all offices, functions and in many places people prefer packed drinking bottles.

Many brands and types are available in market like mineral, RO, purified for drinking water. Most of the water brands are popular because of advertisement, Brand and some unique ideas.

The market has reached Rs.160 billion in 2018 and it is expected to grow annually by CAGR of 20.75% and reach Rs. 403.06 billion by 2023. The bottle of 1L captured 42% of marketshare in 2018 followed by 500 ml bottles and 250 ml bottles.

General water contains 8 to 10 ppm of Oxygen. When we purify or use other ingredients for purification of water, the dissolved Oxygen concentration gets depleted.

Every human needs oxygen by air and from water also. So considering this factor we have come up with innovative solution.

We have introduced an innovative solution in the field of Water. The product is dissolved saturated stable oxygen in water. When Oxygenated solution in less concentration added it gives nontoxic effect.

It reduces odour, colour and unwanted microorganisms like E coli in water. Makes water more fresh and enhanced its activity for potable purpose.

The stable Oxygen in water keeps human’s fresh and active which necessary for maintaining body metabolism.

Most dissolved oxygen is introduced into water through aeration, flowing over rocks, or as a waste product of photosynthesis. It is generally considered that DO levels of at least 4-5 PPM are sufficient for most aquatic life; however, good fishing waters average about 8 to 10 PPM.

The human activities affect the dissolved oxygen concentrations in water? … Removal of the trees and plants that grow along the edge of streams and rivers decreases shading, resulting in warmer water temperatures. This can indirectly cause lower dissolved oxygen concentrations because warm water holds less oxygen. Our dissolved Oxygen in water is even stable even at high temperature.

We are projecting 5 times more oxygen in potable water which is really a challenge by other processes.

Our product Ozosan-Aqua exclusive made for Potable water industry and is safe nontoxic made from Green and novel technology.

The product also safe and enhances drinking water quality.
We recommend and use of this product for all types Potable mineral packaged water products.

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